Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hemshin Y-DNA Haplogroups

In this part I am going to investigate the Y-DNA of another people of the eastern Black Sea region, that of the Hemshin people. In the study I used 49 Hemshin samples, so have a look at the results;

R1b: Let’s begin haplogroup R, vast majority belong to the Z2103 branch.

J2a: Most of them belong to the M67 sub-branch.

L1b: The ones among the Hemshin belong to PH8, i.e., the eastern Black Sea branch of L.

G1a: For those who have been following this blog, G1a is a haplogroup which we have not investigated before, it is found abundantly among the Hemshin, in contrast to other peoples from the Black Sea region. Among the people who possess this haplogroup, those who live to the east of the Caspian Sea and those who live to the west of it differ from each other in their sub-branches.

I2: Most of them are I2a.

G2a: All of them belong to the M406 branch.

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