Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Laz Y-DNA Haplogroups

Having written about Trabzon, now I am going to write my following Y-DNA article on the Laz people. The source of this article is academic studies and dear Ozan Sarı’s statistics. 102 samples have been used in total. In the study I will give the Laz haplogroup distribution and make short descriptions.

First, let me publish the pie chart;

J2a: Even though the variety of J2a is high among the Laz, the dominant branch is M92, in addition to it, branches such as PF5132, SK1313 and Y11860 also exist.

L1b: (Pontic Cluster, PH8+): The sub-branch of L1b that is frequently found in the eastern Black Sea region.

G2a: Most of the Laz G haplogroups belong to the FGC7535 (L293) branch, P303 branch is also frequent.

R1b: Vast majority belog to the Z2103 branch.

E1b: All of the Laz E1b belong to the branches of M35 excluding M78.

J1: All of them are J1a sub-branches.

I2: Its I2a branch is frequent among the Laz.

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